My Consultant: Eliazara Campbell

Gold Canyon United States

Sometimes your home needs a little scent pick-me-up. We have a solution for that! When you smell The World’s Finest®, you create a scent experience like no other. So do yourself a favor: say yes to fresh fragrance with great style.

Featured products

Scalloped Pedestal

Metal. 10 1/2" D X 5 1/2" H

Trellis Warmer

Ceramic. Dimensions: 5" D X 5 1/2" H

Scent Pod® 6-Pack

Combine and Save when purchasing six Scent Pods® of your choice with over sixty fragrances to select from.
$33.88 $38.88

Scent Cube

This fragrance oil diffuser is perfect for small spaces and makes a great gift, too.